Under Construction

After 6 weeks, I’m still not where I want to be with my blog and my personal branding process.

So, to give my blog new life, a am launching my new theme: Just Be You (only better).

There will be more to come very soon!

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed the format and theme has changed a few times. Please bear with me as I finish the construction of both my brand and blog.


8 responses to “Under Construction

  1. You are a brave girl to start it again!

  2. thanks! I hope I can get some serious work done tomorrow in time to present on Saturday! I want to make this more about the process of figuring out who you are, rather than what your brand is… even though they’re technically the same thing. I think it will be more powerful and inspirational as a “creating yourself” blog, your thoughts?!

  3. WOW in one day its like a whole new site already, congrats.

    isn’t creating yourself like the never ending process. I think you will be busy for a while. As humans we are constantly evolving and ever changing.

  4. Agreed! It is a never ending process and that’s my incentive and motivation to keep up with this blog.

    I think my travels this summer, particularly our 6 week session in Oxford, will really teach me so much and allow me to grow as both a person and professional.

    It is my hope that the experience abroad will be mutually beneficial: I will be able to utilize my work for this blog to demonstrate my ability to the people I meet, and my blog will serve as a place for reflection for what I discover.

    Thanks for the feedback ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Just discovered your site, but I’m liking it already!

  6. Yes very good a picture under construction

  7. Except she is too bloody silly to know A: if the picture is copyrighted, B. probably to even know that such things exist and C. guaranteed she just used it without having such knowledge.

    You are ok looking but sound like a total airhead girl.

    Try actually using those few grey ones.


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