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It Gets Better Project

“Your life can be amazing. But you have to tough this period of it out and you have to live.”

I was catching up on Glee today ( I haven’t watched it in awhile, but I’m unfortunately sick and sat on the couch all day), and this Google Chrome commercial came on. This 90 second spot packed a powerful message.

The “It Gets Better” Campaign

Last September, gay rights activist Dan Savage launched this project and the It Gets Better YouTube channel to solicit inspirational and supportive videos to send much needed positive messages to struggling LGBT teens.

The Google Chrome Spots

The Google Chrome team put together a compilation  (using mostly celebrities)  of the uploaded videos to create this commercial.  Glee was an excellent place to air the commercial, as the characters and plot often deal with LGBT issues.

The Future of Commercials?

Its refreshing to see media giants such as Google embracing social responsibly and showing off their ethics.  This activism seems to be an emerging trend in commercials and the Google “It Gets Better” campaign is one of the best examples I have seen yet. The world may become a better place if this inspiration catches on!

What are your reactions and thoughts? Please share!


Connecting the (Twitter) Dots to Form Your Brand

Quote from Zappo’s CEO, Tony Hseich, taken from Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google by Aaron Goldman.

Think of each tweet as a dot on a piece of paper. Any single tweet, just like any single dot, by itself can be insignificant and meaningless. But, if over time, you end up with a lot of tweets, its like having a lot of dots drawn on a piece of paper. Eventually there are enough dots for your followers to connect them together. And if you connect the dots, in the aggregate, it paints a picture of you and/or your company, and is that total picture that is your brand.”

Reminds me of a Roy Lichtenstein image.