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Shedding the Desire for Perfection

Inspiration for this post was discovered while reading “The Self-Styled Life” blog, written by Jean Brown. Check it out here!

Being actively involved in SM causes a person to find inspiration in the most un-obvious places… like a stranger’s blog.  I have to admit, The Self-Styled Life blog by Jean Brown was truly moving. Jean’s post titled Procrastination, Productivity…Progress? discussed a debate that really pulls my heartstrings right about now,  perfectionism vs. procrastination.

Here are some inspirational snippets:

  • “Some procrastination is linked to anxiety about not being able to meet the rigorous standard we set for ourselves.  To get over that self-imposed pressure, we might realize that often our “good enough” might be considered “great” by many people. You can’t always operate at 120%. Sometimes, you just need to get ‘er done.” (bold added by Jean)
  • “My quest for a self-styled life is in part an attempt to avoid disinterest and make sure that I’m almost always passionate about what I’m doing.”
  • “If I want to build a self-styled life, I know I can’t sit on my ass and wait for it to happen. Being proactive is key.”
  • “I am procrastinating less by shedding the desire for perfection. I have also begun to embrace some of my procrastinating behaviors (within limits).”

What I’ve learned:

Writing this blog, I feel like every word has to be perfect. But, reading this post made me realize that it doesn’t have to be perfect (and it’s not going to be). I’m not a professional writer, nor are any of my classmates (to my knowledge) that are also forced to blog for a grade (although most of them probably enjoy this more than I do). My purpose here is to simply spread the inspiration and knowledge to whoever is willing to embrace it.

As an intellectual (which I would like to consider myself as, but may not be actualized yet), I believe that you must find the things that move you and react; allow it to inspire you.

For me, my reaction to Jean’s unexpected inspiration is writing this blog post. I hope to apply what I have learned to my own tendency for procrastination, therefore, shed the desire for perfection and just get ‘er done.